The Largest Multiplier Event of the DIGITASK4IC Project, 7-9 September, 2022, Barcelona

DIGITASK4IC team organized the largest multiplier event of the project through a series of events across three days with national and international participants. The event was organized by DIGITASK4IC researchers from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and attracted more than 100 practicioners. By the end of the event, the DIGITASK web app reached a total user count of 436 task designers/teachers and 534 students. Also, at the web app, there are currently 910 tasks, 112 task sequnces, and 2287 task materials available for free/open use through CC licensing.

We would like to thank the teaching/research community who showed great interest in the features of the DIGITASK web app and helped us see the impact of our project towards the end of the project timeline. Parts of the event series also coincided with the Interactional Competences and Practices in a Second Language, ICOP-L2 Interactional Conference. In addition to the UAB team’s dissemination activities, two DIGITASK4IC researchers presented their research projects based on the DIGITASK web app. The conference audience, paper presentations, workshop, dissemination activities, and the social gatherings helped the project team better evaluate the “Interactional Competence” relevant research prospects of the DIGITASK web app in addition to the its practical outcomes for “Task Based Language Teaching” in line with the project title, Digitizing Pedagogical Task Design for Interactional Competence.

Transnational Project Meeting in Barcelona, 5-7 September, 2022

DIGITASK4IC project team gathered in Barcelona to discuss project activities, plan the remaining workload, prepare for the ending of the project timeline, devise plans for follow-up projects, measure the impact of the project, review the dissemination activities, and initiate the work package that will lead to the production of the DIGITASK Training Module. The module will be available on this website by the end of November, 2022. The project coordinators also recorded an introduction video for the Training Module at the studios of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Multiplier Event in Innsbruck, Austria during the 9th IATBLT Conference

DIGITASK4IC researchers based in Universität Innsbruck organized the third multiplier event of the project during the 9th IATBLT (International Association of Task Based Language Teaching Conference). Our researchers delivered a hands-on workshop, presented the outcomes of their initial research outputs, disseminated the project outputs, and introduced the DIGITASK web app to the conference participants.

Small Scale Dissemination Event at METU ELT Convention

Our project coordinator, Doç. Dr. Ufuk Balaman, presented the DIGITASK web app at the METU ELT Convention in Ankara, Turkey on the 18th of June, 2022. The conference was organized by the School of Foreign Languages at the Middle East Technical University and attracted researchers and practitioners of English as an L2. The title of the talk was “A New Digital Tool for Task Design: Introducing the DIGITASK Web App”. The talk marked one of the seris of small scale dissemination events that the project team have been engaging in the last couple of months after the release of the DIGITASK web app.

3rd Transnational Project Meeting in Innsbruck (7-9 June, 2022)

DIGITASK4IC Project Consortium completed the third TPM at Innsbruck University, Austria betwen 7-9 June, 2022. The project partners finalized their work on the Intellectual Output 1 (Digital Task Catalogue), discussed the latest updates on the DIGITASK web app, and engaged in planning for the final output of the project, IO3 (Digital Training Module). The consortium also finalized planning for two Multiplier Events to take place during the TBLT 2022 Conference in Innsbruck and before and during the ICOP-L2 Conference in Barcelona.

DIGITASK Launch Event in Ankara (12th of May, 2022)

The second Multiplier Event of the DIGITASK4IC project, DIGITASK Launch Event, has been completed with great success with more than 200 participants, 16 poster presentations of task sequences created on the DIGITASK web app by 50 designers, excellent feedback, and a very strong endorsement! Hacettepe team attracted pre-service teachers, postgraduate students, lecturers, and many other stakeholders from 12 different higher education institutions in Ankara. We would like to thank the Organizing Committee members and poster presenters (volunteer pre-service teachers from Hacettepe University) and the event participants.

Check out the event photos below and do not forget to register to now!

2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Ankara (7-9 March, 2022)

DIGITASK4IC Project Consortium completed the second TPM at Hacettepe University, Turkey betwen 7-9 March, 2022. The project partners evaluated the first midterm activities, prepared the interim report, finalized work on Privacy Policy & Data Protection, discussed plans for improving the DIGITASK web app, planned workload for the Digital Task Catalogue (IO1), and went through dissemination plans as well as the overall activities in the second midterm.