Intellectual Outputs


Production of the DIGITASK web app

The project team will develop a web app that is user-friendly and that makes it extremely easy to design and deliver pedagogical tasks. Initially, we will engage in cataloguing of Open Educational Resources repositories that can be easily integrated to the DIGITASK to be used for task design. Additionally, the project team will produce original OER materials and contribute to relevant repositories and the DIGITASK database.

In the second phase, the project team will create the Digitization of Pedagogical Task Design plan to be used as the basis for the programming of the DIGITASK app. This process will lead to the production of the app.

In the third phase, we will explore the affordances of the DIGITASK app for Virtual Exchange practices among groups of pre-service teachers from partnering universities. The pre-service teachers will collaboratively design tasks using the DIGITASK and contribute to the pedagogical task repository of the DIGITASK platform.

Digital Task Catalogue

In the first phase of this Intellectual Output, the project team will review the TBLT literature and map out the use of pedagogical tasks in diverse fields of theory and practice.

After documenting the complete typology of the diverse task types, the project team will engage in ensuring alignment between the DIGITASK app and the relevant literature. In doing so, we will design at least one task for each identified task type and present as many examples as possible for a wider use of the DIGITASK web app by all relavent stakeholders.

In third phase, we will evaluate the interactivity potential of the tasks designed using the DIGITASK app and assign our evaluations in the form of the L2 IC Meter. We will draw on the rich literature on L2 interactional competene and the results of the Virtual Exchange practices shaping around the DIGITASK web app.

Digital Training Module

The final intellectual output of the DIGITASK4IC project will to be develop a Digital Training Module for ensuring wider accessibility to the DIGITASK web app. The project team will produce diverse training materials and video series demonstrating all feature of the DIGITASK app and promoting the good practices. The training module will be available in multiple languages.

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