Open Educational Resources (OER) – (WP1 IO2)

This is a non-exhaustive list of repositories that can be used to find OER (open educational resources) materials for task design in the DIGITASK web app. 

Repositories for OER materialsLanguage learning component? yes/no/indirectly etc.Types of materials available   text/audio/image/videoAppropriacy for DIGITASK*NOTE typespartly CC searchYesImagesyes, can even be filtered for different types of cc-licences, Englishvideosyes COERLL | The Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (, multilingual resourcesa number of sub-sources / links to other OERs  all types of mediaPartly with permalinks and partly primary resources ZOERR (, mainly for content learning purposes (e.g. science) but may be used for CLIL   Majority of resources are in GermanVideosYesUser interface is in German Audiolingua mp3Yes, multilingual soundbank (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish….)audioYes  Les conversations mises à jourYes, Frenchvideo-recorded conversations in French on three topics (l’amitié, la vie de couple, les études)yes Generally, TEDEd videos are licenced under CC BY — NC — ND 4.0 International. Individual videos may, however, underlie different licences (e.g. Youtube-embedded videos). YouTube-search can be filtered for cc licences. (in particular icons)Yes, entirely CC0 World of imagesYes, mainly for FrenchImages & videosyesUser interface is in French interface in German interface is in German;jsessionid=96BBE099F8956B3C9E4D23EB147D5587Yes, but mainly at an academic levelMainly videos and textsyesUser interface is in English, but many resources are in French videosyes, in particular for French as a FL and Englishall typesyes   LESCANTYes, in particular for intercultural learningimagesyes, for sociopragmatic learningtext corpus (WhatsApp messages, e-mails etc.)partlythe permalink is given for the corpus as a whole, for Italian as a FLaudio (podcasts) (& texts)yes (podcasts)the links to the text resources  do not seem to work (and might not be under cc licence) types user interface is in Spanish, for German as a FLaudio (podcasts) CC BY-NC 3.0 AT is attributed to the audiolab podcasts only; other resources on the website underlie copyright laws interface is in German, but search function can be used in English, but please check/filter for CC0 licences, as there are also some commercial pictures provided in ads, but mainly at an academic levelAudio (podcast), text, video (e.g. lectures)Partly. Some resources, such as the Radio Chalk podcast may be used as primary resource; other materials are part of a course module / longer teaching and learning cycle., textbooksPartly. There are many links to entire text books, which are less appropriate for Digitask. typesPartly. The website is under CC-by licence, but some of the links lead to resources that underly copyright laws.User interface in Italian typesPartly. Provides information on licences, but not all resources are under cc licence. (blogposts), imagesPartly. Information on cc licence is provided, but homepage asks users to provide metadata on the works they use. (soundbank)Partly. The cc licences are providedregistration required to download, English and Germanall typesyes, different cc licences are indicatedthe user interface is in Norwegian, but there are many resources in English and French, English, German and Spanishtext, imagesyesregistration required to  use all features yesimages (cliparts)yes (search engine for cc resources)all typesyesold version of the cc-search engine that also filters for media types other than pictures YesAll types Partly, all the materials from different genres are directed to the original sources YesAll typesYes IndirectlyTextbooksIndirectly, the textbooks can be used for creating reading materials. YesTexts and textbooksYes YesTexts and VideosYes, the videos and comprehension questions about the videos can be integrated into different task procedures. IndirectlyTexts, activities, booksYes YesDifferent types of resourcesYesSome of the resources are cc licensed and some of them are not. IndirectlyTexts and textbooksIndirectly, the textbooks can be used for creating reading materialsWorks are licensed under different CC licences. YesAudio and textbooksYes YesVideos, podcastsYes IndirectlyImagesYesVarious CC licenses IndirectlyTextbooksIndirectly, the textbooks can be used for creating reading materials YesTextbooksYes Yes (books for language learning) + texts in some books can be used to design materialsTextbooks.Yes They can be used in material design.ImagesYes Maybe indirectlyAudio (original work submitted by members)Yes. Songs can be integrated into tasks.Registration required. Licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0 IndirectlyimagesYes.Not licensed under cc but All photos can be downloaded and free (for commercial & NC purposes) IndirectlyImages and videosYesRegistration required. Different cc licences for different works (the owner of the work decides) YesTextbooksYesRegistration required. Textbooks are licensed under CC BY 4.0, indirectlyTextbooksYesRegistration required for upload. Licensed under CC BY NC SA

*If the OER materials in the repositories are accessible with a permalink, they are deemed appropriate for the DIGITASK web app.

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